Genre Car Close Call

Ok, I was doing a lunch shoot in Portland with Jay Lake as he had lunch with fellow author and friend Ken Scholes.

As we got to Ken’s office, I said “I need a shot of the GENRE car entering the frame from a distance and ending with a lockout on the license plate.”

Jay and Lisa Costello did not think this was such a good idea, but I know a few Jedi mind tricks.

So, I sat in the street (by the curb, I’m no dummy) and sent Jay around the block.  Lisa stood on the curb as my safety.

Well, as you can see, the car comes into frame just fine and “zooms” right in until it punches me in the knees.

All is fine.  I sustained no injuries, the equipment is fine, and I kinda got the shot I wanted. Damn, I hope I find a place to use it.

Sound has been edited out, as it was not safe for work.

Don’t be a dummy just trying to get a good shot!

The Child Speaks

Bronwyn Lake sat for her first interview yesterday for our documentary on her and her father, author Jay Lake.

As a filmmaker it is challenging enough to interview people about difficult aspects of their life, but interviewing a minor about how she was affected by her father’s cancer treatment, especially chemotherapy, is a delicate and respectful process.

Fortunately, Bronwyn was more than up to the task.  On top of everything else going on as the school-year ends, she had to deal with a film crew setting up in her father’s basement office.

This first session captured a lot of gems and demonstrates that, adopted or not, Bronwyn is a lot like her father.

Bronwyn sits for her first session of our documentary THE FAMILY LAKE.


Filming begins on The Family Lake

Principal photography has begun on our feature documentary THE FAMILY LAKE in Portland, Oregon.

Jay and friends on breakfast expedition before JayCon 2012.

Filming this summer will be conducted in June and August and will follow Jay through San Antonio, Austin, Portland, Seattle, and Chicago.

Before Jay’s first session, we sat down with his parents to get their perspectives.

Jodi and Ambassador Joseph E. Lake (ret.) remembering some of Jay’s antics as a child.

Then we sat down with Jay for his first on-camera interview for the film.

Jay speaks about growing up as an always moving around “embassy child.”

This has been a very productive start to the production and editing has already begun in earnest.  On a project like this, it will be important to stay on top of the hundreds of hours of footage.

But that’s the glory and the mystery of documentary filmmaking!