In an old furniture store far, far away…

Waterloo Productions is proud to announce a new short documentary to be filmed in August 2012.

Sucher & Sons Star Wars Shop in Aberdeen, Washington is not exactly in the outer rim, but you can see it from there.


We’re not going to say too much about this project since we’ll have it finished in September, but it will be a lot of fun.

Owner and founder Don Sucher has become a cult hero around the world for his store dedicated to everything Star Wars (with a back room dedicated to Star Trek).


This is Don with his Princess Leia tattoo after it was signed by Carrie Fisher.

Filming and editing will be done by Donnie Reynolds and Bronwyn Lake.

Strangers and Other Nice People


We are traveling the United States interviewing readers and writers about works in the various genres of speculative fiction.  We are scheduled to film readers and writers in the Pacific Northwest (home to many of our reading and writing friends); ArmadilloCon in Austin, Texas (our home base) and in Chicago (host city of the 2012 Hugo awards presentation at Chicon 7).

We began this project in May during the Paradise Lost II Writer’s Conference in San Antonio, Texas.  At that conference, we talked with authors Jay Lake and Steven Brust about the power of storytelling.

The conference was a wonderful opportunity for working and aspiring writers to discuss the relevance and personal impact of genre fiction.

We then caught up with authors Steven Brust and Skyler White in Austin, Texas discussing their new project and the importance of collaboration between authors and readers.

Our next stop was on the California coast where we spent the day with editor John Joseph Adams and discussed the art of short-form fiction and its dual role in recruiting new fans to speculative fiction and satiating the appetites of existing fans hungry for new stories.

We ended the first round of interviews in Portland, Oregon where Jay Lake and Ken Scholes discuss the appeal of speculative fiction both as writers and readers.

Our next round of author interviews are back here in Austin during ArmadilloCon 2012.  We have several interviews set up with attending authors and expect to get in a few we haven’t yet scheduled.

Then we immediately head back to the Pacific Northwest to work on this and two other exciting projects.

In late August, we are off on a road trip to Chicago for the 70th WorldCon where we will be filming the Hugos and all the fun that is Chicon 7.  It will be a great place to interview readers, writers, editors, publishers and, yes, critics.  We are conducting a couple of round-table discussions as well including one with survivors of the Viable Paradise Writers Workshop held annually on Martha’s Vineyard.

We invite you to be a part of this project by helping us decide what questions should be asked during these interviews.  Please choose up to 5 questions below and add your own, if you care to.

Please tell your friends about the poll and look for us this summer if you’d like to be interviewed for the film.  If you see one of our crew walking around in a Waterloo Productions crew shirt –

Waterloo Productions Crew

ask them to put you in the movie!
We want to show the wonderful world of imagination and opportunity that only exists in speculative fiction and we want you to participate.
Jay and Sarah in wating area

Life Interrupting Art

Filming a documentary about someone’s life, as they are living it, isn’t as easy as working with say… infants, or cats. Shit happens and you either get it or you don’t.

During the first phase of filming THE FAMILY LAKE (working title), we had one of those incredible, horrible days you couldn’t plan for. And I was only able to cover it because of the support and trust of the Lake family.

On Tuesday, Sarah Bryant – Jay’s mother- sat for her first interview.

Sarah at home

It was a candid and wonderful interview. One of the things we discussed was Jay’s misplaced guilt of feeling responsible for his health affecting everyone else’s health. She laughed it off.

The next day, two months to the day before Jay’s follow up scan to see if his persistent cancer has struck again, Jay and I just begin another interview session with him when he receives a call.

Jay gets a call

The good news is that the call is from Sarah herself. The bad news is why she’s calling.

Jay is a writer and this is his family, so I must point out that Jay recalls the event on his blog.

Sometimes waiting is the hardest part.

Or sometimes a sight or sound makes it too real.

It continues to be a humbling and rewarding opportunity to shoot this documentary.  I find myself conflicted as a friend and a filmmaker: just how much drama do I hope for…