Ghost of a Film

Well, it’s the beginning of a new year. So it’s time for me to see what I still don’t have finished from 2014.

Two of my films topped my list. The first, a documentary that is likely still years from being finished.

The second is a short film I made and probably would not have made had I not been filming the above-mentioned documentary that had me driving from Austin, Texas to Portland, Oregon every 5 to 13 weeks for two years.

On one of my drives, I listened to two years worth of Escape Pod– a brilliant podcast which acts as an audio book medium for speculative fiction short stories.

One of the stories I heard struck a chord with me as a filmmaker and, as it was ending, I thought – that would make a great short film.

The story was THE GHOST OF A GIRL WHO NEVER LIVED by Keffy R. M. Kehrli.

As it happens, I knew Keffy. We had met during filming of my documentary.

We had a nice conversation and I secured the rights to adapt the story.

I wrote an interesting adaptation, but in the end failed to pull it off as a film. I feel bad about that because I love Keffy’s story and wanted to expose it to a new audience in an exciting way.

Such a waste of a wonderful cast!

Below is a teaser I threw together that may be the only look you’ll get at my attempt to film this story.

[anybody got Alejandro Jodorowsky’s email address!]

The Ghost of a Girl Who Never Lived

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