LAKESIDE Premier announced

Sasquan laurels 2015

After years of work, it is with great honor and enthusiasm that I announce the premier of LAKESIDE: A YEAR WITH JAY LAKE at probably the perfect place in space and time: in the Pacific Northwest during the Hugos!

We have spent the last two years struggling to cut a movie that captured both Jay’s spirit and reality.

With the benefit of a great set of advisors and from some of our online supporters, now we’ve got it.

Making this film turned from a great idea into a great responsibility. At long last, I think I’ve served my role.

I can’t wait to share it with you.


Spokane, Washington
August 19-23 2015

Sasquan laurels 2015

2 thoughts on “LAKESIDE Premier announced”

    1. Oops, so sorry. Exact scheduling isn’t available yet, but it will occur during the 73 World Science Fiction Convention in Spokane, Washington August 19-23 2015.

      The World Science Fiction Convention is a floating convention held annually since 1939 (‘cept ’42 and ’45). It is the event that decides and presents the Hugo awards. Jay Lake was a regular feature at WorldCon, as a nominee and as a presenter. He lived in Portland, Oregon and was a popular figure in the Pacific Northwest since relocating from Austin, Texas many years ago.

      So, the fact that we finally got the film right and that it will premier practically in Jay’s backyard during Hugo weekend is almost too perfect. He would be well pleased.

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