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Audition Notice – MINE

a new film from Waterloo Productions

Waterloo Productions is now looking for two lead actors who will carry the feature-length film — MINE.

Please fill out the audition form below and bring it with you on the day of your audition.

MINE audition form

Story leading up to the audition scene.

Ruby is suicidal. She’s unsuccessfully tried to kill herself and now is going to the desert to bury herself in the wilderness– just as the character in her yet unfinished novel did. In the desert she finds a half-dead man. She nurses him back to health and, learning he has no memory, convinces him they are engaged. But he has his own problems.

Trying to exit the drug trade, Michael has put himself in a dangerous spot. His only hope for survival is to lay low, so he stays with Ruby even after his memories come back.

Along the way, they forge a new relationship, a new partnership.


RUBY (25-30ish, nerdy) A suicidal young woman who finds a half-dead man in the desert and claims him for her own.

MICHAEL (25-30, nice face and athletic build) A drug smuggler looking to leave the trade. And he has a scheme to get the money they need to escape it all.

Below is the scene we will use for auditions. This scene happens immediately following a car chase where they lose the assassin sent after them.

MINE – audition scene

Auditions will be held at the
Yarborough branch of the Austin Library between 2-5 p.m. on
Sunday, May 29, 2016. (2200 Hancock Drive, Austin, TX 78756)

Please email info@waterlooprod with
in the subject line. You may include links to your reels if you have them. You will then be emailed a specific audition time.

LAKESIDE Premier announced

Sasquan laurels 2015

After years of work, it is with great honor and enthusiasm that I announce the premier of LAKESIDE: A YEAR WITH JAY LAKE at probably the perfect place in space and time: in the Pacific Northwest during the Hugos!

We have spent the last two years struggling to cut a movie that captured both Jay’s spirit and reality.

With the benefit of a great set of advisors and from some of our online supporters, now we’ve got it.

Making this film turned from a great idea into a great responsibility. At long last, I think I’ve served my role.

I can’t wait to share it with you.


Spokane, Washington
August 19-23 2015

Sasquan laurels 2015

Ghost of a Film

Well, it’s the beginning of a new year. So it’s time for me to see what I still don’t have finished from 2014.

Two of my films topped my list. The first, a documentary that is likely still years from being finished.

The second is a short film I made and probably would not have made had I not been filming the above-mentioned documentary that had me driving from Austin, Texas to Portland, Oregon every 5 to 13 weeks for two years.

On one of my drives, I listened to two years worth of Escape Pod– a brilliant podcast which acts as an audio book medium for speculative fiction short stories.

One of the stories I heard struck a chord with me as a filmmaker and, as it was ending, I thought – that would make a great short film.

The story was THE GHOST OF A GIRL WHO NEVER LIVED by Keffy R. M. Kehrli.

As it happens, I knew Keffy. We had met during filming of my documentary.

We had a nice conversation and I secured the rights to adapt the story.

I wrote an interesting adaptation, but in the end failed to pull it off as a film. I feel bad about that because I love Keffy’s story and wanted to expose it to a new audience in an exciting way.

Such a waste of a wonderful cast!

Below is a teaser I threw together that may be the only look you’ll get at my attempt to film this story.

[anybody got Alejandro Jodorowsky’s email address!]

The Ghost of a Girl Who Never Lived