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Waterloo Productions is proud to announce it has begun a new documentary on the noise band PAN PAN PAN.

When does the accumulation and sequencing of sound become music? Noise bands explore this question through their innovative use on non-traditional methods and instruments.  They engage audiences on a primitive level in a way that melody-based music cannot.  It is raw and immediate.  It harkens back to the earliest forms of jazz with unreserved volume and distortion.

NOISE will explore the growing interest in noise bands in the abundant music scene of Austin, Texas.  It will begin with the birth of the noise movement from the early twentieth century and explore the first century of the genre.

NOISE will continue this exploration by following one noise band, PAN PAN PAN, as they prepare for the release of their debut album.  The film will follow the four band members through their everyday lives and examine their motivations in pursuing this genre.

Interviews with the musicians, the patrons, the audiences, and the critics of noise bands will paint a fascinating picture of what this genre is and where it is going.

Below, please enjoy a video of a recent live performance by PAN PAN PAN at the Wardenclyffe Gallery in Austin, Texas.