Lakeside Backstory

  Acclaimed author Jay Lake is a prolific writer of fantasy and science fiction.  He has won a Writers of the Future contest and won the coveted John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.  He has been nominated for multiple Hugo and World Fantasy Awards. Jay and baby Bronwyn – December 1999 Jay’s latest trilogy was inspired [...]
Jay Lake reads bad news

New Lakeside Trailer

We’ve cut a new trailer as the story continues to unfold.  This trailer takes us from the beginning of filming through March, 2013. This trailer also introduces new music by composer Will Manning.

The things you catch when the cameras are rolling

During the course of making a documentary about author Jay Lake, it is inevitable that you will catch some things on film that he probably wishes we hadn’t. Part of our filmmaking philosophy concerns full disclosure of information we feel the public has a right to know. Below is an example.

Jay Lake on the Whole Genome Sequencing project.

Jay Lake spent half the day at medical appointments.  During a quick break for lunch between two of them, he explained the hopes and prospects for the “whole genome sequencing” that may be the key to saving his life.  Hopefully this testing will become part of the protocol for treating cancer patients.