Near-time film stills from the documentary Lakeside available on Facebook

This weekend, we are back in Portland, Oregon as Jay Lake endures his final chemo session before a break to surgically remove rumors from his liver (again). We are shooting digitally and will be sharing frames from the raw footage with Jay’s fans and friends on our Facebook page These will be from raw [...]
Jay and Sarah in wating area

Life Interrupting Art

Filming a documentary about someone’s life, as they are living it, isn’t as easy as working with say… infants, or cats. Shit happens and you either get it or you don’t. During the first phase of filming THE FAMILY LAKE (working title), we had one of those incredible, horrible days you couldn’t plan for. And [...]

The Child Speaks

Bronwyn Lake sat for her first interview yesterday for our documentary on her and her father, author Jay Lake. As a filmmaker it is challenging enough to interview people about difficult aspects of their life, but interviewing a minor about how she was affected by her father’s cancer treatment, especially chemotherapy, is a delicate and [...]