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“A small, desperate act of hope.”

Today we followed Jay Lake to Flying Pie Pizzeria.  The local eatery has hosted Jay’s annual public birthday party (also known as JayCon) for the last eight years.

A small, deperate act of hope

Today he reserved the party room for another JayCon this June.

When asked to share his thoughts about planning a party that is five months away, he said he considered it ” a small, desperate act of hope.”

His surgery next week will not only take out at least three tumors, it will also confirm if he has grown a fourth tumor while on chemotherapy.

What happens next will depend on the results of the surgery.  Only one thing is certain.  His doctors will be preserving samples of his tumor for the cutting edge “whole genome sequencing” that a recent fundraiser has paid for.  That sequencing could provide the best answer about exactly how to treat his aggressive cancer.