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short subject film based on the short story by Keffy R.M. Kehrli

Ghost of a Film

Well, it’s the beginning of a new year. So it’s time for me to see what I still don’t have finished from 2014.

Two of my films topped my list. The first, a documentary that is likely still years from being finished.

The second is a short film I made and probably would not have made had I not been filming the above-mentioned documentary that had me driving from Austin, Texas to Portland, Oregon every 5 to 13 weeks for two years.

On one of my drives, I listened to two years worth of Escape Pod– a brilliant podcast which acts as an audio book medium for speculative fiction short stories.

One of the stories I heard struck a chord with me as a filmmaker and, as it was ending, I thought – that would make a great short film.

The story was THE GHOST OF A GIRL WHO NEVER LIVED by Keffy R. M. Kehrli.

As it happens, I knew Keffy. We had met during filming of my documentary.

We had a nice conversation and I secured the rights to adapt the story.

I wrote an interesting adaptation, but in the end failed to pull it off as a film. I feel bad about that because I love Keffy’s story and wanted to expose it to a new audience in an exciting way.

Such a waste of a wonderful cast!

Below is a teaser I threw together that may be the only look you’ll get at my attempt to film this story.

[anybody got Alejandro Jodorowsky’s email address!]

The Ghost of a Girl Who Never Lived



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It is with great pleasure that we introduce you to our cast for the upcoming short THE GHOST OF A GIRL WHO NEVER LIVED based on the short story by Keffy R. M. Kehrli.

As our lead, SARA, we have the wonderful Maddie Benbenek.

Maddie as Sara

As her brother, BEN, we were fortunate to find Dashiell Smith.

Dashiell as Ben

The strong-willed and protective MOM of our family will be played by the lovely Mia Rangel.


And our emotionally torn DAD will be played by David Flannigan.


As the mysterious “DR. CARAWAY”, we have the intriguing Kat Tait.


As our hard working lab tech, ADAM, we have newcomer Eric Del Buono.


And our genius scientist DR. EMORY will be portrayed by Terry D. Pfeifer.


Our film will be directed by Donnie G. Reynolds.  Our cinematographer is Cordelaine Kline.

Principal photography is set for May 2013.

Maddie as Sara

Our Ghost of a Girl


We had many wonderful auditions for our film THE GHOST OF A GIRL WHO NEVER LIVED based on the short story by Keffy R.M. Kerhli.  It was an arduous task to process all of the auditions and find our perfect cast.

In the coming days, we will announce our entire cast but we wanted to leave tonight’s casting announcement all to our ghost of a girl.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the casting of Maddie Benbenek in the title role of Sara.

Maddie faced some incredibly stiff competition for the role but after the dust had settled, the role was hers.  We were very impressed with her audition and are excited to be working with her.

As a veteran of stage and film, Maddie has the chops to tackle this difficult role.

Welcome, Maddie, to the Waterloo Production family!

Maddie as Sara



Audition Notice

We will be holding auditions for our short film THE GHOST OF A GIRL WHO NEVER LIVED on April 20, 2013 in Austin, Texas.


Principal Photography will take place over two consecutive weekends in May.

We are currently seeking actors for our two child leads.

SARA – (9-12 years old)  Sara is a clone provided by an insurance policy after the death of a little girl.  Only, something goes wrong implanting Sara’s memories into the clone and now Sara’s second body has her own identity and doesn’t want to be Sara.

BEN – (10-14) Sara’s twin brother.  He knows the clone is not Sara and resents her.

To secure an audition time-slot, please email a headshot/photo and brief background or resume to